New Smyrna welcomes our Canadian visitors.  Every year, hundreds of Canadians leave the chilly temperatures up north to enjoy the warm Florida sun.  If you are a Canadian looking to visit the New Smyrna Beach area, this page will assist you with your travels.

How Long Can a Canadian Citizen Visit or “Winter” in Florida?

  • You will often hear that the magic number is 6 months.  Most Canadian ‘snowbirds’ travel to America as temporary visitors (tourists). There are two tourist visas, visitors for business (B-1) and pleasure (B-2). These are usually easy to get. Canadians usually do not get any stamp or paper showing this status. Immigration inspectors allow visitors up to six months per trip.  Under NAFTA, certain Canadians can get B-1s for a full year per trip.
  • Discard this common misconception:  “As a snowbird visitor, immigration rules force me to go back to Canada for six months before I can come back to America.  I can only stay in the U.S. six months a year.”  This is false.  There is no immigration prohibition against leaving and returning right away. Of course, without a green card, Canadians cannot intend to reside permanently in America.  If you keep turning around and coming right back without staying in Canada, immigration may assume that you have permanent intent. Nevertheless, there is no automatic obligation to wait six months in Canada. (Tax rules may differ.)

Traveling to New Smyrna Beach

Traveling to New Smyrna Beach from Canada is now easier than ever!  Fly nonstop from several U.S. bordering states, saving hundreds on airfare, into the Orlando Sandford International Airport.  The Orlando Sandford International Airport is an easy 35-minute drive to New Smyrna Beach.

Directions from the Orlando Sanford International Airport to New Smyrna Beach:

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Allegiant Airlines offers hundreds of nonstop flights to Orlando.  Book your hassle free vacation today!

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