As you stare out the windows of your house onto a landscape that is blanketed in snow and surrounded by steely gray skies dropping even more of that white stuff on your property, you may begin to feel that you will never see the sun again. Even on the rare Ohio days where the sun DOES peek through the clouds, it provides a false sense of warmth as you step outside bundled in ALL your winter clothes, while still feeling that bone-chilling cold that greets you every day of the season. But if you choose to make this year different by planning to visit New Smyrna Beach in the winter, you can welcome warmth, happiness, and cheer back into your world! This guide to a fabulous Florida getaway will ensure that every minute is filled with fun, excitement, and warmth.

Here Comes the Sun

With highs reaching a balmy 70+ degrees and lows rarely dropping below 48 degrees, winter in New Smyrna Beach is a far cry from what you see everyday in your own hometown! Even the tropical rains take a break, only falling down on us an average of five days out of the month, (as opposed to every day in the summer!) creating a vacation environment that is undeniably as close to perfect as you get and lifting you out of your seasonal doldrums within minutes of stepping off the plane!

This Way to the Beach!

Yes, swimming season is year-round in New Smyrna Beach, and although we find the waters a little chilly in the winter months, hearty visitors from the colder states have thicker blood and find they can’t get enough of it! Spend your days tanning on the beach as you read summer bestsellers or splashing in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean as you drag every bit of fun out of this unexpected “summer” getaway during the best time to visit New Smyrna Beach!

Visit a Lighthouse

The Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum, located at 4931 S Peninsula Drive in Ponce Inlet is hard to miss, standing 175 tall and created of red brick and granite. Built in 1887 to guide sailors through the gorgeous waters of the Atlantic, today it is a favorite spot to explore and take family Christmas card photos in front of; perhaps this gives you an idea for your own Christmas card this year?

Spend Your Nights with Us!

The excitement of winter explorations in New Smyrna Beach will only grow stronger as you spend your nights in any of our Ocean Properties seasonal sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite today!