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As you begin planning your journey to New Smyrna Beach, there are a lot of issues you have to consider, beginning with the most important of all: choosing your vacation accommodations! In the not-so-distant past, your choices may have been limited to a cramped, crowded, and uncomfortable hotel room or a very expensive (but totally charming) beachfront cottage. Today, however, your choices are plentiful, and the decision-making process much more involved as you ponder over a variety of rental types, including beachfront vacation rentals in Florida, house rentals, studio vacation rentals, and relatively new to the market apartment vacation rentals! Whatever option you make your own, knowing that you chose Ocean Properties for your vacation sanctuary will make the selection process so much easier. This guide to our private vacation rentals in New Smyrna, Florida will give you a glimpse into your extremely comfortable vacation future!

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Get Comfortable

Each private New Smyrna vacation rental we offer is decorated and styled according to the homeowner’s wishes and desires, but the one trait they all share is one of comfortable welcoming. These truly are homes away from home, offering everything you need to make your New Smyrna Beach vacation shine bright and true. Drop your bags at the door (you will have time to choose your room at the end of the tour!) and venture into a space that you may wish you never have to leave. Fully equipped kitchens give guests the choice of tossing together a quick meal on a lazy Tuesday and saving a little money as they take a break from dining out. Because this is your vacation and you get to spend it doing whatever you like, maybe you will just use the room to keep your wine chilled and your coffee hot! Dining rooms can be used as multipurpose zones, serving as temporary offices when emergencies happen back at your office, a place to teach your children the joy in living life unplugged as you play board games and construct intricate puzzles, or of course to devour the meal you worked so hard to create!

Living rooms offer comfortable couches and state-of-the-art televisions, laundry rooms allow you to pack lightly and save room for souvenirs, and patios, porches, decks, or balconies, provide quiet moments of sheer joy as you sip mojitos and watch the sun set over the horizon. And because your days in New Smyrna Beach are destined to be jam packed with fun and adventures, when the sky darkens to a velvety purple and your eyes can no longer stay open, sliding between the silky soft sheets in our oh so comfortable beds will lead to a luxury you can’t often “afford” in real life; a night’s sleep that is deep, uninterrupted, and filled with happy dreams is the treat that awaits you each and every night of your stay!

Adventures in New Smyrna Beach

As comfortable and content as you are in our Ocean Properties private vacation rentals in New Smyrna, Florida, we know that your true purpose in visiting is to explore all that our oceanside town has to offer! Spend your days staking a claim on space at the beach, frolicking in the surf, reading under colorful umbrellas that protect pale skin from the rays of the Florida sun, and walking along sand that frames the clear waters of the sea, watching people, searching for shells, and feeling your soul quieten with each crash of a wave hitting the beach. Take your annual Christmas card family photo in front of the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and explore its history after at the attached museum. Built in the 1800s, this terracotta-hued lighthouse is the tallest in the state, and if you can handle the climb, the 203 steps it takes to reach the top will lead you to views you will never forget!

When the day’s adventures have left you tired, hungry, and maybe a little cranky, (we have all been hangry over the years!) a restful and romantic dinner at Norwood’s Restaurant and Treehouse Bar is guaranteed to sweeten your temporarily cranky disposition! Offering a delicious selection of seafood favorites and comfort food delights, the bar that is literally built into a tree (hence the name Treehouse Bar) will bring that smile on your face back to its full wattage. Even if you don’t choose to eat a meal here, spending some of your vacation minutes in this unique bar, sipping your favorite cocktails, will make one of your favorite memories, especially if you take pictures to show all your friends back home!

Come Home to Ocean Properties

Your New Smyrna adventures will be even more memorable when you come home to Ocean Properties and our private vacation rentals every night. Reserve your favorite today!