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Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing, and best of all, carefree, and when you choose one of our Ocean Properties studio vacation rentals, all three qualities will be used to describe your journey to New Smyrna Beach! Offering comfort and style with no surprises, you will spend your days exploring all the wonders our oceanside town has to offer and your nights appreciating the quiet comforts of home. Maybe your getaway is a romantic escape with the one you love most, or perhaps this adventure is a celebration of a lifelong friendship. Maybe you are branching out and experiencing your first vacation as a grown adult all on your own. Whatever brings you to New Smyrna Beach, our studio vacation rentals will bring you joy, comfort, and style without overwhelming you with too much space! This guide to all that wows our studio apartments in New Smyrna Beach, FL will give you a glimpse into your vacation future.

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The Secret to a Happy Vacation?

Savvy travelers know that the secret to a happy vacation starts with their vacation accommodations, and our studio apartments for rent in New Smyrna Beach, FL are designed to be an integral part of your getaway! Drop your bags at the entrance and all the property’s secrets will be revealed as your eyes trail from space to space, drinking in its style and comforts. An experimental bounce on the sofa in the living area reveals a piece of furniture designed for napping, while the state-of-the-art television positioned directly opposite promises to be the focus of some happy channel surfing on some evening in the future. The kitchen and dining areas, located just steps away from each other, are constructed to ensure you can spend this vacation exactly the way you want, and if your vision of your vacation involves sautéing the catch of the day and enjoying it with a crisp white wine, these spaces will come through for you in all the best ways! Updated appliances bring back the joy of cooking, and the dining room table presents a cozy and intimate space that will be perfect for the romantic meals you have in mind!

Balconies overlooking the sea, the town, or perhaps the playground where youngsters can be seen scrambling over the equipment like tiny mountain goats offer the perfect place to watch sunsets and discuss adventures, making plans for the next day’s activities. At night, when the moon rises high over the sea, covering the seas with its ethereal glow, slipping away to the bedrooms of our tranquil retreats promises to be yet another highlight in an adventure filled with them. Slide between silky soft linens, let your head fall back against pillows with just the right amount of firmness and lose yourself in the sweet oblivion that deep sleep can bring. Our studio apartments hold no secrets, everything they offer is right there out in the open, just waiting for you to utilize and enjoy!

Time to Play

As you enjoy the comforts and style of your studio apartments in New Smyrna Beach, FL, the landscape in which it is located could star in its own romantic movie. Wake early and stroll along the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean, watching the sky lighten and brighten with the rising of the sun and when the show is complete and the skies are blue once more, head back to your Ocean Properties sanctuary for a couple of hours more sleep! Enjoy quiet breakfasts together in the dining area of your vacation escape or fall in love with the flavors offered at Mom’s Home Cooking, located at 1201 N Dixie Freeway; the waffles are piled high with fresh fruit and whipped cream, promising to change the way you breakfast for the rest of your life! Relax and unwind with a couple’s spa day at The Spa at Venetian Bay, where chocolate-covered strawberries and a glass of champagne are included with your massage and pedicure. Offering the ultimate in romantic experiences and located at 424 Luna Belle Lane, this activity is a favorite of couples young and old and the memories made together will sweeten your stay with us! When dinner rolls around again, you can impress the love of your life with a fine meal at The Garlic, located at 556 E 3rd Avenue. Serving classic Italian favorites in an Olde World environment, attention is paid to every detail of your meal and falling in love with the food first and all over again with your favorite traveling partner is destined to be just one of the “side effects” of eating here!

Every Day Is a Dream Come True

Long days of fun and sunshine followed by comfortable nights filled with shared secrets, whispered giggles, and finally, the best sleep of your life will make your New Smyrna Beach escape one that you hold close to your heart. Reserve your favorite Ocean Properties studio apartment today!