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Social Distancing Activities in New Smyrna Beach

With coronavirus on everyone’s minds, you might be wondering how it’s possible for you to still enjoy your beach vacation. Luckily, New Smyrna Beach is home to a number of activities you can do while practicing safe social distancing. If the beach feels too crowded or you’d like to avoid the typical vacation pastimes like eating out and shopping, we’ve compiled a list of social distancing in Florida activities perfect for you that will still allow you to make the most out of your New Smyrna Beach vacation!

Visit Smyrna Dunes Park

This oceanside park faces the beach on one side and the Indian River and Ponce De Leon Inlet on the other. There are 1.5 miles of elevated boardwalk where you can birdwatch for species like bald eagles, osprey, and pelicans—you might even see one catch a fish! Walk along the beach of the riverside or the ocean and treat yourself to a view of the inlet’s lighthouse along the river. This park and beach has a $10 vehicle admission fee, but usually has fewer crowds and you can get an annual pass for just $20!

Rent a Boat or Book a Private Charter

Whether you know how to sail or not, spending a day out on the ocean is the perfect Florida social distancing activity! If you’re already a seasoned sailor, you can rent a boat from local companies like Sand Dollar Boat Rentals, where they offer up pontoons perfect for some river cruising or vessels made for the open ocean. Sailo and Turtle Mound River Tours offer chartered tours for those who still want to explore by boat but don’t know how to sail! Bring a picnic lunch and this is a great social distancing activity that still lets you see some of New Smyrna’s best sights.

Explore the Turtle River Mound Archeological Site

Another terrific outdoor activity where you can keep a safe distance between yourself and others is the Turtle Mount Archeological Site, a prehistoric shell midden that stands about 50 feet tall! This mound of shells got its name from the turtle shape it forms but is made up of oyster shells from the Timucuan people who thrived in this area six hundred years prior to European settlers. The mound can be reached by the Turtle Mound Trail!

Enjoy a Socially Distanced Vacation with Ocean Properties

We know you might have additional questions while vacationing during this time, and our friendly staff is here to answer them. Give us a call for suggestions on how social distancing in Florida will affect your vacation and reserve your rental today!