The season in which you take your annual vacation can be as important as the destination and your accommodations, especially when there are specific things you want to do during your getaway. You would probably not take a cruise to Alaska in the winter, nor plan a hiking vacation to the deserts of Arizona in the summer, knowing that the cold and the heat would keep you from doing the things you want to do most. Fortunately, New Smyrna Beach is an all-seasons destination spot, offering fun and excitement at all times of the year, but because there are things you may want to differently in winter and spring, we have provided this ultimate guide to your winter and spring New Smyrna Beach vacation to our beachside hometown!

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Every New Smyrna Beach Vacation Should Be a Winter One

As you pull on yet another layer of warm winter clothes and trudge out into the wet and icy snow to start your car 20 minutes before you leave to warm it up so you don’t freeze on your daily journey to work, visions of palm trees, sunny skies, and sandy beaches may fill your head. This is your first clue that your winter getaway should be to someplace warm, with balmy temperatures that reach up to the low 70s—New Smyrna Beach should be that place! Here at the beach, winter is actually the most popular time for visitors as the pale-skinned masses shed their layers, don their flip flops, and prepare for a vacation that is destined to be the envy of all their Midwestern friends. Take plenty of pictures and come back home looking tanned and relaxed and try to come up with reasons why every winter vacation you take should not be one to New Smyrna Beach. (Don’t worry, you won’t find one reason to keep you away in the upcoming winters; we can practically guarantee that!)

father and child walking on the beach

Beach Days

As you can expect, your first day of adventures may be spent at the beach. Grab the sunscreen, a cooler, towels, umbrellas, and beach chairs, and spend the day doing nothing more effortful than turning from your front to your back and vice versa. As most New Smyrna Beach travel guides will tell you, the water stays warm—warm enough for cold-blooded easterners, in any case—so if you happen to get too warm, a quick dip in the ocean will solve all your problems! Many visitors, however, have issues with just lying around all day, so why not take a walk along the water’s edge, exploring the different homes and hotels that are visible from the beach? Bring a camera along and take artistic pictures of colorful beach houses, being sure to get the sea in the frame or get that one shot of your charming toddler running towards the shorebirds, her bright red bathing suit offering a touch of color, and capture the giant smile on her face as the birds fly up all around her! Perhaps your walk will lead you to the Sea Vista Tiki Bar, where the grouper is always fresh and the drinks are sweet, cold, and refreshing! Choose a table on the patio, overlooking the fun going on at the beach, and as you sip your first Rum Runner of the day, be sure to take a selfie that shows the beach, the plate of grouper your server just placed before you, and your now slightly sunburned and totally relaxed smiling face!

Away from the Beach

Of course, you may want to spend some of your New Smyrna Beach vacation away from the beach, checking out everything the town has to offer, including New Smyrna Speedway. Offering races pretty much every weekend of the year, as there is no need to shut down for the winter season, New Smyrna Speedway has been an integral part of the community since opening day in 1964. If you follow the races, you will definitely recognize the names of the superstars who have sped around this asphalt track!

For those who prefer a slower pace, the Canal Street Historic District is fun to explore, offering shops, galleries, and restaurants, most of which are housed inside colorful historic buildings. The first Saturday of nearly every month is dedicated to the arts, and as you join in the people sipping beer and wine and strolling from gallery to gallery, chances are you will find the perfect piece of art to add to your collection. You can also meet and talk with the artists and learn firsthand about the dedication they put into their craft and perhaps learn new skills of your own, should your interests lie in that direction. You don’t have to wait until First Saturday, however, to enjoy exploring the galleries found in the historic district, as most are open every day of the week. Featuring a huge selection of galleries, all offering a unique selection of art pieces in all types of mediums, you will be very happy that our Ocean Properties vacation escapes offer fully equipped laundry areas so you can pack light and leave room for the masterpieces you cannot pass by!

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Winter Holidays in New Smyrna Beach

Although Christmas and New Year’s look a little different than they do in your own hometown, our beach village still offers all the holiday spirit of the season! Enjoy a parade of boats decorated in their holiday finest at Riverside Park or invest your vacation dollars in helping the less fortunate have a great holiday when you take part in The Spirit of Christmas where proceeds from handmade wreaths, decorated trees, and the gift gallery are divided between quite a few worthy charities. There’s always something going on at New Year’s in the New Smyrna Beach area but staying in and watching the big ball drop over Times Square as you sip champagne and enjoy the luxurious comforts of our New Smyrna Beach holiday hideaways is bound to be the best experience of your winter getaway, especially if you choose a property with a hot tub. Toasting the new year while simmering in the hot bubbles will set the tone for the next 12 months of your life!

boats in a pier at sunset

Your Spring Fling in Our Hometown

Unless you are a college student raring to get away for a wild beach party with hundreds of your closest friends, you are going to fall in love with the peace and quiet that can be found in New Smyrna Beach over your Florida spring vacation. Our town celebrates family, and as you enjoy the surf, sand, and sun with your kids and spouse, you will be making memories that will last a lifetime! Hike along the Doris Leeper Preserve Trail, watching for egret nests as you do, and if you time it right, you may here the noisy cheeps of hungry babies waiting for mama egret to feed them. Continue the natural theme with a visit to the Marine Science Center, located at 100 Lighthouse Drive in Ponce Inlet, and watch your children’s faces light up as they get the opportunity to touch the stingrays who are housed in their touch pools. Stingrays are known for their poisonous barbs, but these stingrays have none, and the rubbery soft feel of their skin never fails to excite the interest of people of all ages! The Blue Room in the Marine Science Center is a fascinating space, housing exhibits of some of Florida’s more unusual sea creatures, including seahorses and lionfish which are not native to our state but are beautiful to look at.

Rainy Day Adventures

As you may expect, there will be some rain that will fall on your Florida journey—especially in the spring—but that’s ok! Rather than thinking it will ruin everything, you can take this time to enjoy adventures of the interior kind. Take a little me time with a visit to Angie’s Serenity Day Spa at 306 Washington Street, where talented aestheticians offer massage, skin care, lashes, pedicures, manicures, and even permanent makeup services. Being spoiled for a little while will make you forget all about the gray skies, and when you walk out, you will feel like a whole new person! Explore the history of our beachfront town at the New Smyrna Museum of History, located at 120 Sams Avenue, and discover how the past comes alive through exhibits, artifacts, and photographs. Our hometown was founded in 1768, meaning the history goes back to before our nation’s independence, and as you wander through the halls examining its contents, the whispers of those who went before you can almost be heard through the emotional echoes of the artifacts housed under the red tile roof. Shop at the Posh Pineapple, a sweet shop filled with all the charm of our Florida town, sip ice cold craft beers at New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company or spend a happy hour sharpening your escape skills at our New Smyrna Beach Escape Room—all of these activities promise to make your rainy day at the beach one of the happiest days of your stay!

beach restaurant

Time to Eat

Because the weather doesn’t change all that much throughout the year, we aren’t going to try to divide up restaurants by season; all the places we list here are destined to become your new obsession, no matter what the calendar pages say!

Start your day out with a hearty breakfast at the Beacon Restaurant, located just a stone’s throw from the beach. Fill your plate with country bacon and plate-sized pancakes before meandering down the road for a day of fun under the sun. Also offering a full lunch menu, the Beacon allows travelers to spend the entire day playing at the beach, much to the envy of all your friends and family back home!

When dinnertime rolls around, enjoying the seafood delights offered at Boston’s Fish House will end the day on a bright note. Located at 1414 Atlantic Avenue and featuring the freshest seafood in town, every dish they offer is guaranteed to be the dish you dream about upon your return to real life! Devour a taste of Puerto Rico with a visit to the Taco Shack, located at 642 N Dixie Freeway and serving lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Mondays, the Taco Shack is a casual place featuring a walk up window and patio tables for dining and is a spicy treat to be enjoyed whenever possible.

On warmer days, a visit to Frozen Gold Ice Cream Shoppe provides the tastiest way to stay cool, and cookies, pies, or cakes taste even sweeter at the Sweet Boutique, an Uncommon Bakery, because everything in the shop is made to order!

bedroom with queen bed

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Bringing It Home with Ocean Properties

Our homes are designed to pamper and spoil today’s travelers, and when you choose Ocean Properties, you are choosing a lifestyle that never fails to please! Stay home for a day and revel in the luxuries that are a regular amenity in our properties, offering private hot tubs and views of the golf course, beachfront condos and private homes with pools in the backyard. Enjoy a barbecue by the pool, a rainy night spent binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows, and sunsets that make you realize that Mother Nature really does know what she is doing! Renting one of our condos allows you access to community amenities, so heated pools, sports courts, fitness centers, and game or theater rooms can ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with fun, laughter, and all the excitement you hoped your dream vacation to New Smyrna Beach would provide. Every day will be your favorite day in our selection of condos and homes, even if you decide that you want to sleep late and be lazy.

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