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Plan a Winter Journey to New Smyrna Beach

Your escape from the cold and snow of your eastern hometown might be enough to make your New Smyrna Beach vacation one that you will never regret, but if it’s your first time visiting our oceanside town, you may be worried that you won’t find enough to fill your days. Fortunately for you, you have chosen Ocean Properties for your seasonal sanctuary, and we offer more than just a place to sleep every night; we offer the creature comforts that make life fun and the simple luxuries that enhance your journey. We have prepared this guide to a three-day journey filled with restaurant suggestions and places to go in New Smyrna Beach that is guaranteed to make this trip one you will never want to end!

Day 1: Let the Fun Begin!

As you spring out of bed, anxious to begin your first day of Florida fun, you may be tempted to skip breakfast and hit the ground running, but when you hear about the breakfast delights waiting for you at Pappa’s Drive-in and Family Restaurant, we think that you might hit the brakes for a few extra minutes. Offering the classic egg dishes you love to devour and a few new dishes you will simply have to try, enjoying breakfast first will give you the fuel you need to thrive during your New Smyrna Beach adventures! Today we are going to concentrate on tours designed to give you a taste of what you can expect from your time in New Smyrna Beach, starting with the Turtle Mound River Tours. Offering a variety of boat tours and the opportunity to catch sight of the gentle manatees, the sunset ones are the most popular, but all of them will give you a better idea as to what to do while you are here in the winter!

Day 2: Spread Your Wings

New Smyrna Beach offers a lot of different things to try and do, but sometimes you just want to fly past its boundaries and explore the world outside of our ocean village, and that is ok. We aren’t far from historic Cape Canaveral, so after a day of exploring the land and sea, now is the perfect time to look toward the stars! Grab lunch at the Southern Charm Café, 8501 Astronaut Boulevard, spend some time exploring the Air Force Space & Missile Museum, and also add a tour of the Kennedy Space Center to your day’s itinerary of things to do near New Smyrna Beach. This last activity promises to be the most fascinating, and if you have any budding astronauts in your family, may be just the nudge to continue them on their road to greatness!

Day 3: Forget About Tomorrow

Your three-day journey to New Smyrna Beach may be nearing its conclusion, but we don’t want you to think about that right now. There are many hours of daylight to burn during this winter holiday, and the sun is shining, the temperatures are a balmy 70+ degrees, and we definitely think some beach time is in order! Living in the land of eternal summer allows for February frolics in the surf, so grab your suit, and your beach chairs, (many of our Ocean Properties vacation escapes provide them for your use) and head to the beach for one last chance to work on an envy producing tan! But what if you forgot your flip-flops, and sunscreen or you just feel like a new bikini to make this beach day all that much sweeter? There are plenty of little beach stores along the way. Wild Side Beachwear at 521 Flagler Avenue has exactly what you need, including beach gear rentals, should you decide you want to surf the waves or ride a bike along the shore. Buy a cute pair of sunglasses, stock up on sunscreen, and continue on to your day of beach fun, secure in the knowledge that you have everything you need for a successful and fun day on the sand!

At lunchtime, when the hunger pangs begin to get serious, you won’t need to leave the beach; just head over to Chases on the Beach, located at 3401 S Atlantic Avenue, and continue to soak up the beach days vines with fresh and sweet local seafood and cold and frosty beers or cocktails! Offering beachside patios that allow you to people watch while you fill your stomach, the laid-back atmosphere, and incredible views are guaranteed to make your time spent at Chases the times you remember most.

Fun Things to Do Near New Smyrna Beach Await

The magic of New Smyrna Beach can be enjoyed any time of the year, not just in the winter, so start making your seasonal vacation plans for places to go in New Smyrna Beach and click the Book Now button on your favorite Ocean Properties escape today!