Traveling to new places is always exciting, but for many people, it can be an exercise in anxiety as you try to figure your way around the area you have traveled to. Maybe you don’t really want to spend all your time figuring out which way to the beach, and you are hoping that there is some sort of public transportation. Or maybe you, like much of the world, are directionally challenged and you fear that getting lost is just as easy in a new place as it is in your home town! In any case, when your vacation journey brings you to New Smyrna Beach, we at Ocean Properties have put together this guide to New Smyrna Beach transportation and getting around, helping you live a getaway that is fun, exciting, and worry free.

New Smyrna Beach Flex

This public transportation service is a far cry from your standard city buses, offering curbside pickup within the area it serves. Not available on Sundays or on national holidays and offering a strangely precise running schedule of 6:43 AM through 6:33 PM, it is a comfortable and easy way to get around the more popular town locations, specifically downtown and the beaches. Using it is simple by calling 386-424-6810 at least two hours before you want to be heading to your next destination, being sure to let them know if you have a wheelchair or a bike you will be bringing with you. It isn’t a free service, except for children under 7, but the prices are extremely reasonable and online passes can be purchased.

Ride Share

As may be expected, the ride share services Uber and Lyft are available for New Smyrna Beach travel, and if you have never used your app outside of your home town, you will soon discover it just as simple to use on vacation as it is at home. Simply put in your destination, choose the type of ride you prefer, and wait for Carlos, Bethany, or Ralph (obviously, these are made up names) to appear outside your door! The share services cost more than the Flex, obviously, but the convenience may just be worth the extra costs.

Eliminate the Worries

Of course, if you are really concerned about finding your way to the beach, the best way to eliminate that worry is by choosing one of our Ocean Properties beachfront sanctuaries! Reserve yours today and discover the easiest (and most fun) way of getting around New Smyrna Beach is on your own two feet!