There is something wonderful about being in a room, surrounded by pictures of the adventures you have experienced during your travels. Photos of sunsets over the ocean, pictures of forests filled with trees dressed in their autumn finest, even quick shots of your family posing in front of your favorite attraction all work together to create a space that is warm, welcoming, and filled with memories. When it is time to start making new memories during your New Smyrna Beach vacation getaway, this guide to the top five spots with the best views in Florida from New Smyrna Beach will help you take pictures that will look like they have been snapped by a professional!

Flagler Avenue Sign

It may seem a little strange that we have included a sign in our list of best views in Florida, but there is a method to our madness that you will understand at first sight! Coming in at number five, the Flagler Avenue sign has been the place for photo opportunities since the beginning. Perched over the two-lane road that leads straight to the beach, the only thing that could make this view even better is the sun rising over the water, so get up early and prepare to be wowed!

New Smyrna Beach Lifeguard Station

On most beaches, the lifeguard station has been whittled down to a simple lifeguard chair, but not in New Smyrna Beach. The lifeguard station, painted yellow, offers a nostalgic peek into the glory days of the men and women who spend their summer days watching out for our safety, standing tall and proud against blue skies. Two flags flutter against blue skies, the American flag and the warning flag that allows swimmers to know how safe the waters are, creating a pretty picture that has made its way to number four on our list of New Smyrna Beach, Florida views.

Riverside Park, 299 S Riverside Drive

Riverside Park is a local favorite, offering a place for young children to play, sportsmen and women to fish, and amateur photographers to fall in love with the third most gorgeous view in town. Head to the pier and admire the sight of boats skimming the waters at sunset, filling the sky with fiery colors that may be difficult to capture with a cell phone, but will set your frame on fire when you remember to bring your best camera!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Sea oats swaying in the breeze in the foreground, the clear blue waters of the sea in the background, and the beautifully elegant, rusty red of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse standing guard against bad weather and serving as a beacon for sailors navigating through the night. If you make your way to New Smyrna Beach and don’t find time to take a gander at the best views in Florida found at our second most gorgeous spot, you will regret the decision not to visit forever!

New Smyrna Town Beach

As you sit on your beach chair, gazing out at the tide rolling in and out, the seagulls flying past, and the sun reflecting off the water, shining like diamonds in the sea, the peace, tranquility, and serenity of the most gorgeous view in New Smyrna Beach will steal a piece of your heart, and you won’t mind a bit! Take a picture and make the memory last forever, joining the other memories you have framed and hung on the wall of your living room back home, or simply take a mental picture, knowing that all you need to do is close your eyes and you will be instantly transported back to paradise!

Bonus Florida Views

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