Beer lovers have succeeded in bringing the beverage to the forefront of sophistication, especially with the creativity found in craft beers that offer funny names and strong tastes! This guide to the top five local New Smyrna Beach breweries will add a hoppy taste to your Florida adventures as you road trip your way through our beautiful state. Choosing Ocean Properties to come home to at the end of every brew trip is just an added bonus that will enhance your vacation experiences!

Playalinda Brewing Company, 305 S Washington Avenue in Titusville

Nothing goes better with a day at the beach than a cold brew enjoyed on its shores, and Playalinda Brewing Company (which translates into “beautiful beach”) offers a tasty selection of local brews. Sip a dark Cocomel, gulp a Nevins Pale Ale, and fall in love with the fruity flavors of their Tropical Wonderland All-American Wheat Ale. Playalinda is just a half-hour away from your New Smyrna Beach escape, making a road trip there a pleasant break in your beachy activities!

Red Pig Brewery, 101 2nd Street Unit 401 in Holly Hill

Your road trip to deliciousness should include a stop in the Red Pig Brewery and a hearty gulp of their My Friend the Machine IPA! Offering a 7% ABV and a smooth and fruity taste, it is just one of many beers that will become your new obsession at this New Smyrna Beach brewery. When your wine-loving traveling partner discovers they also offer a taste of the grape, you may never want to visit anywhere else!

Tomoko Brewing Company, 4647 S Clyde Morris Boulevard in Port Orange

Located a little closer to “home,” Tomoko Brewing Company can be found in Port Orange, just a 15-minute drive away from your home base. Offering an ever-changing selection of locally brewed beers, one sip and you will fall in love, especially when pairing your favorite brew with a slice of handmade pizza created right there in their kitchen!

Half Wall Brewery, 1887 FL-44 in New Smyrna Beach

Yes, your days of roaming the streets of Florida have come to a happy end, as the top two New Smyrna Beach breweries on our list are located right here in our beautiful seaside town, so order up a rideshare or taxi and plan on an afternoon of safe day drinking! Jefficus Bourbon Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal Stout is our favorite dark beer here, but please, don’t let us influence you; go ahead and do your own research to discover which brew you love most!

New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company, 143 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach

The number one spot for local breweries was an easy choice to make because you know it has to be great if it is named after the town in which the brewery resides! The New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company proudly presents its favorite beers brewed right here in town. They offer a fruitily delicious Black and Blue Sour, That Hoppy Beer, and the only shark attack you want to experience, Shark Attack IPA, all of which are brewed in those big silver tanks located right behind the bar!

Adventures in Comfort & in New Smyrna Beach Breweries

After the last sip has been taken, heading home to the comforts of our Ocean Properties vacation sanctuaries promises to be the highlight of another perfect day in sunny Florida. Contact us to reserve your favorite today!