We don’t often admit this, but our favorite part of every vacation we take is tasting the flavors that are particular to the region we are visiting: Mexican food in Arizona, Cajun food in Louisiana, and of course, seafood in beach towns, which tastes that much better when prepared by cooks and chefs who really know what they are doing! If you agree and are planning a visit to New Smyrna Beach and a stay in one of our Ocean Properties vacation escapes, this guide to the best restaurants New Smyrna Beach has to offer by locals will ensure that you will eat well as you play.

The Garlic and Blu Bar, 556 E 3rd Avenue

Coming in at number five, The Garlic and Blu Bar is not a choice you may expect us to make, but there is always room for a good Italian meal on every vacation, and this spot has a way with the Tuscan favorites that will make you wonder if your Tuscan grandma is working in their kitchen! Offering all the classics plus some new seafood dishes that you will become your new obsession, when your meal is finished, head to the Blu Bar for more fun and entertainment!

Pappa’s Drive In and Family Restaurant, 103 N Dixie Freeway

Drive on in to Pappa’s and enjoy your favorite all-American dishes without even leaving your car! This throwback to simpler times rolls in at number four on our list of faves, but if eating in your car doesn’t excite you, they offer in restaurant dining as well. Open every day of the week from 5 AM until 9 PM, every vacationer deserves a little diner food during their getaway, and Pappa’s is the one of the top restaurants in New Smyrna Beach has in the area! Eggs, burgers, and delicious homemade pies are guaranteed to fill you up and feed your soul at Pappa’s Drive In and Family Restaurant.

Norwood’s Restaurant & Treehouse Bar, 400 E 2nd Avenue

It is time to enjoy some of the finest seafood New Smyrna Beach has to offer at Norwood’s, a seafood restaurant that has been a local tradition since the 1940s. Located inside what was originally a gas station in the 1920s, the restaurant has changed owners many times over the years, but the quality of food served here remains stellar. As you feast on seafood pot pies and salmon ratatouille, you know it is a given that you will be checking out the Treehouse Bar at first opportunity!

Mom’s Home Cooking, 1201 N Dixie Freeway

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this sweet diner ranks number two on our list, although Mom might be a little peeved that we didn’t rank it higher! Open Thursday through Saturday from 7 AM until 1:30 PM at the moment, if you don’t try their banana walnut pancakes, you are doomed to go through the rest of your days regretting your lapse in judgment!

River Park Terrace, 302 S Riverside Drive

Coming in first position, River Park Terrace is housed inside a charming cottage and offers patio seating that will enjoyed by all on sunny Florida days. Open every day except Monday and serving American classics that are created with locally sourced ingredients, their menu is extensive, filled with your favorite dishes as well as some new ones bound to become your favorite and you’ll see why we rank it as one of the top restaurants in New Smyrna Beach!

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