As “The Leader in New Smyrna Beach Real Estate Marketing, Ocean Properties & Management, Inc. has fully embraced technology.  Commitment to advancement has been made with long-term financial investments in a variety of areas:

  • WiFi throughout the Ocean Properties Building
  • Our office has numerous portal hookups for agent-owned computer systems and are wired for fast and direct Internet access.
  • Company-owned computers are also available for Realtor use.
  • Multimedia conference center that consists of a 42″ Plasma Display system that is equipped with high-resolution video, integrated stereo sound and broadband Internet access. This high-end technology provides a higher level of service to customers.
  • Visual Presentations are displayed continuously in the mulitmedia center that consists of properties actively for sale within New Smyrna Beach, Aerials of the beach and surrounding developments, and information about future developments within the area.
  • Sales Associates have the capability of controlling presentations and focusing specifically on their individual customer’s interests, which allows associates to be more productive and provide a higher level of service.
  • Manager of Information Systems
  • In-house technical support staff
  • Outside consultants and developers
  • Technology training



  • Sales associates who have the salesmanship and the ability to nurture professional relationships through “high-touch” must also embrace the “high-tech” aspect of the business.
  • Technology enhances communication and the ability to stay in touch with your client base.
  • Technology training plays an important role in agent development. Having an “in-house” Manager of Information System creates an advantage for all at Ocean Properties & Management, Inc. Custom Training consists of introduction to a computer, use of software and email, interactive demonstrations on the world wide web. Realtors learn to effectively work with technology to develop a new sense of high-touch.

If you’re looking to harness technology to propel your career, now is the time to jump on the fast track and the place to do it is Ocean Properties & Management, Inc.